This is by Cathal McGinley, I fell for these little artworks after seeing them in the University of Ulster MFA show and bought one from him. This is it in my flat in the morning when sunlight falls across it from the skylight.

They are made out of little  bits and pieces of weathered plastic found on the coast (of Donegal I think). The surfaces of the plastic are beautiful, textured and the pieces are delicately constructed to show us this beauty. There are these highly coloured plastic fibres you can see divided by the grid, in all the works these provided this very sympathetic device for introducing, controlling or balancing the colours and arrangements. It feels like a sort of gesture, binding these things together into something formally very beautiful, full of  (what I think of as) ‘painterly’ edges and relationships. He writes about it as a relationship with the objects, ‘making them feel good again’. Its nice to ponder these too as a response to landscape. Anyway I enjoy having it in my flat very much.